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Dating back to 1992 Vilika Arts and Crafts started in Bulawayo by an individual, Ms. Audrey Vilika (Khumalo) working from her home. She supplied many people and companies such as FDC,Showroom,Bradlows, Pelhams, providing good quality products such as cushions, beadspreads, curtians and babywear. As the business grew bigger she began to supply customers out of Bulawayo becuase of the demand of the products.

As the new mellennium started she drifted to arts and crafts, consisting of beadwork,stone work, traditional wear,wooden artifects,wedding deco and landscaping.This time around her children teamed up with her.Along the way they have been attending art shows, exhibitions and tourism expo's. On the year 2012 Vilika arts and Crafts exhibited at Sanganai Hlanganani Tourism expo,and won an award for Best Arts and Crafts Stand. Ever since the business has been growing through good and tough seasons.

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We have no substitite for quality and creativity is our portion.


To impart the skill we have grasped over the years,to people who are less priviledged and those who desire to use their hands. We looking forward to open a school of Crafts in the near future, so as to empower generations to come.

Mission Statement

Taking art to the ends of the world, promoting culture, and embracing the work of the hands of man.

The Ornament

This is a life size imitation elephant horn crafted with beads,simply by handpicking.The purpose of it is for display in places like galleries,lounges,livingrooms,monuments,museams,and other places that suit the nature of its being.It stands as a souvenir, that tells a story about the the first world cup in Africa.

The meaning of the art reflected on it. The gold beads resemble the minerals found in the African continent. The varigated colours on the word Africa resembles the many tribes and nations in Africa, and the people who came into Africa to participate in the world cup. The soccer ball at the centre points out the focal reason for the event. The elephant resembles the beauty of wildlife in Africa. The Africa map with South African flag highlights that South Africa hosted the world cup. The sheilds resemble the weapons of the African warriors that were used in battles. The map of Zimbabwe stands for us the Artists who crafted the ornament and we proudly lift our Zimbabwean flag in the beauty of art.

The birth of the ornament In January 2010 we came across an advert that artists intrested to show case their crafts in the world cup. We were challenged and the vision of the crafted imitation elephant horn came alive. We worked on the crafting of the horn as a family for six months, somehow we didnt manage to finish in time due to the labour it had. Our hopes are to see it show cased and bringing a global recognition.

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23 October 2012

Best Arts and Craft Stand

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